Feature Released: Inbox & In-App Notifications

One of our most anticipated features has arrived: inbox. The new inbox feature allows for in-app notifications and messaging. It allows you to provide news and dynamic content directly to your app in virtually any design you want. The key is that any HTML can be used for the messages, meaning you have total control over what appears in the app. Best of all, in-app notifications can be sent to customers regardless of if they have opted in to email, SMS, or push notifications. That means you reach 100% of your smartphone members.

Compose a Message

Through the campaign dashboard, simply select In-App promotion as the medium you’d like to reach your customers and begin composing your message. Your preview will automatically show you how your message will appear for your customers. You can add: a title, sub title, a featured photo, and the body of the message.

App Notification

When a new message is sent to the app, a small inbox icon will appear at the top right hand corner of the checkin screen to notify customers that a message is available for them.

Messaging Center

Once customers click on the icon on the top right or the ‘messages’ menu from the side menu, they will see a list of messages you have sent. New messages will be marked with a small colored area at the top right hand corner of the message. If the message is more than 250 characters, only the first three lines will appear and customers can click the message to read the full message.

Featured Release: SMS Notifications

With our latest release customers now have the ability to send SMS campaigns on the dashboard in 3 easy steps.

1. Create a customer group you want to send the campaign to. You can include/exclude customers who spent, visited, purchased, or registered during a certain time period to entice them to return.

SMS campaign
2. In the content section, you can now check off both email and SMS, or just SMS. Then type your message in the box, and preview it on the side.

SMS campaign 2

SMS campaign 3

3. At the confirmation page, you will see a summary of your customer group, how many people will be receiving the meesage, and how much it will cost before you submit your campaign.
SMS campaign 4

Now available on all dashboards, so log in and check it out!

9 Ways to Drive Customer Relationships Through Rewards

In a world of limitless options, it is imperative that you are able to get your customers coming back to your business. Whether you have a loyalty program or not, you need to build long-term relationships with your customers to ensure future growth.

Losing Customers is Extremely Costly

It costs five times more to acquire a new customer than to retain an old one. If you already have an audience for your products, it’s much easier to get them to love what they’re purchasing than to convince someone new to try it out. Current customers are the future lifeline of your business, and you certainly don’t want to lose out.

Customers Love Rewards

People enjoy feeling appreciated. Food service businesses are incredibly customer-centric, and understanding how to make your customers feel valued will win you major points.

9 ways are highlighted below to help you build better relationships with your customers.

Spoonity Loyalty & Maitre’d Point of Sale: “A Winning Combination”

We were recently featured in a fantastic blog post by Maitre’d Point of Sale (POS) to recognize the phenomenal results Spoonity delivered with the Bridgehead loyalty and quick pay system. The blog post starts by introducing the origins of Bridgehead. It goes on to talk about how Spoonity was brought in to address the shortcomings of Bridgehead’s existing paper punch card system:


When Bridgehead launched, it offered a loyalty program that was completely paper-based. With the company’s growth, this created significant obstacles for managing and analyzing the value of the loyalty program to the business. Beyond paper, there were also three different cards that had to be managed (!): one each for coffee, packaged coffee beans and specialty drinks. When a customer ordered something, they presented their card for a punch: when they had eleven punches they got the 12th item free.

Bridgehead also offered a gift/stored value card with no connection to the loyalty program, and with little ability to track usage. Reloading the card was something that had to happen in the store—there was no mobile or web self service available.